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Who We Are

The Light Weaver Group was formed in 1996, when the use of the web was just getting underway.

Our expertise is in design, using software tools like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, and in web-specific programming (coding) using HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Perl, PHP, and SQL.

What We Do

We specialize in the creation of custom websites for small businesses and non-profits. For those clients who want to run some part of their operation via their website, we build interactive systems to meet those needs – with an emphasis on ease of use, efficiency, and security.

We also build widgets that can be placed on any website to perform specific functions (e.g., audio and video players that can easily be "client branded"), developer tools that any web developer can use in creating websites for their clients, and large public-use web-based systems.

Our Work

Our sincere thanks to all those who have trusted us to serve them over the years!!

Web Design

Custom designed websites, both traditional and mobile-friendly. Click below to visit this mobile-friendly client example (on the web since 1996)

Visit Example Site

Widget Programming

Our widgets provide websites with state-of-the art functions like audio players, video players, etc. Easy to install code that runs on all modern browsers.

Website Maintenance

Each new Light Weaver designed web site comes with six months of comprehensive maintenance. After that, we will perform maintenance tasks at the client's request, with billing based on the time used per request. Alternatively, clients may choose to prepay for discounted maintenance according to the maintenance options contained in our maintenance schedule.

Download Maintenance Schedule

Auction Crafters

Online Auction System

First developed in 2003 as a speculative fundraising process for a client, our online auction system has matured into a commercial offering that is available to non-profits, religious groups, schools, colleges, and universities who want to run a limited term (up to 30 days) inexpensive (auction costs starting at $50) do-it-yourself online auction. It is now marketed by Auction Crafters.

Go To Auction Crafters

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